Posted by Joan Arsenault on Jun 26, 2021
On June 14, 2021, the Town of Ipswich dedicated a field of 100 flags to honor heroes.  A stunning display of ten foot poles and flags will grace one of the main gateways of our town, the beautiful and historic South Green, until July 10.  Ipswich-Rowley Rotary developed this field of honor to recognize the heroes in our lives. The field honors anyone who has made a difference in a someone’s life such as first-responders, medical professionals, teachers, essential workers or those who have served in the military.  It is an especially poignant year to start this project to honor heroes given the COVID pandemic.  
We are grateful to our event co-chairs, (Joan Arsenault and Paula Bishop), the event committee (Julie Nelson, Martha Mauer, Laurie Cameron, Dottie Levesque, Jim Tedford, Tony Marino, Ted Garside, and Mary Foote-Hill), our public relations team (John Muldoon, Deb Richards and Bob Wicks), and to all the hard working Rotarians and volunteers who made this possible.  A special thank you to Jim Graffum, Tom Palance, Select Board Member Linda Alexson, and Senator Bruce Tarr for their participation and support, as well as to the residents of Ipswich for making ‘Flags for Heroes’ a huge success.  To view a slide show of the Flag Day dedication, click HERE, or visit our Photo Album section on the home page.   
Please visit the South Green and walk among the flags.  Sponsorships are sold out this year, but an application for next year is available on our website at