Posted by Diane Herth on Aug 31, 2022
In this article, Diane captures the essence for our club of 'Imagine Rotary', as outlined by District Governor Alexander Falk at our August 25 meeting.  Ed.    
IMAGINE Rotary.  The theme for Rotary International this year is ‘Imagine Rotary’.  Its meaning became clearer this month when, at a single meeting, we met by our new District Governor, the leadership team from the Ipswich High School Interact Club, our Rotary Youth Exchange student from Finland, and our sponsored Rotary Global Scholar from Belgium.  
District Governor Alexander Falk spoke about the upcoming Rotary year and how our Rotary continues to IMAGINE the present and the future –  by thinking outside the box. 
IMAGINE Women as Leaders as we empower women around the world, starting at the top.  This year’s Rotary International President is Canadian Jennifer Jones, our first female President!  Also this month, American Stephanie Urchick was announced as the President Nominee for 2024-25.  
IMAGINE Diversity, equity and inclusion in every club.  This is a major goal for Rotarians everywhere. 
IMAGINE Youth Leader programs such as Interact, and imagine knowing that your student has granted a micro loan through Kiva (an international non-profit dedicated to expanding financial access that helps underserved communities thrive) to lift a woman out of poverty and improve the life of the family she supports?  Through Kiva, the students learn about banking, loans, repayments, delinquency rates - real money that changes lives for the cost of a few Starbucks.  
Seen in the photo with President Ray Morley are Interact Vice President Annika Johnson and President Courtney Stevens.
IMAGINE Global Learning as Rasmus Kopone from Finland and other exchange students will experience this year as they learn a new language, discover another culture and truly become global citizens.  Rasmus is the Ipswich-Rowley club’s year-long in-coming exchange student, while a student from Ipswich is studying in Finland.  
In the photo, Rasmus presents his sponsoring club flag to President Ray.  
IMAGINE Scholarship and master’s-level global scholar students like Helena Placentino from Belgium. Our sponsored student is studying at Harvard Law School and envisioning a better the world.  
Helena attended the meeting via our hybrid meeting technology.
IMAGINE Educating the Uneducated in villages where there are no desks or even a classroom.  Desks are critical for school; without them they cannot attend school.  With the TutuDesk they now have the desk they need.  
Costing just $20 , these ingenious laptop desks make learning possible.  
IMAGINE a Better Environment as our District embarks on a new Pollinator Initiative.  45% of these vital species have been lost is the last 50 years.  These year-long projects are part of Rotary’s new seventh Avenue of Focus – The Environment.
IMAGINE Fellowship in a Service Organization with No Walls.  As an Ipswich-Rowley Rotarian you will be part of a team with global reach and could help others anywhere in the world with connections and finances you never dreamt of.  Want to see how Rotary has worked to eradicate Polio worldwide since 1979?  Join us at an upcoming meeting, as our guest.  Visit our website for the meetings schedule.  Want to meet members from Ipswich, England to share ideas and build good will and better friendships?  Join Ipswich-Rowley Rotary Club and be a future host, and/or be hosted by an Ipswich East (UK) Rotarian in the future.  The friends you make will last a lifetime.  Join Rotary for community service, learning, sharing, fellowship – and FUN! 
Together, we achieve more than we can alone.