Posted by John Muldoon on Mar 18, 2021
Now’s the time to start spring-clean your closets and get rid of your dated wardrobe — a group of high school students is launching a clothing drive to help the homeless. 

Starting Sunday, boxes will pop up in four locations to collect toiletries and clothing. The week-long drive (from March 22 to 29) is being organized by the Rotary sponsored Interact Club in Ipswich High School.  Seen in the photo are club officers Audrey Berger, President; Louisa Roesler, Vide President; Rowan Galanis, Secretary; and Sam Orroth, Treasurer.  
The drive will support Living Waters Center of Hope in Lowell, which helps the chronically homeless in Lowell, club president Audrey Berger said. Its website says it provides meals, mobile charging, mail pick-up, laundry, rest rooms, referrals, hygiene, haircuts, clothes, workshops, and case management.  For more information about Living Waters, click here.
The Interact Club hopes people will look in their closets in the coming week and donate clothes they no longer want.
Under normal circumstances, the club would have organized pick up at a single location. Due to COVID, however, it will spread out this year. Drop-off locations will be available at the town hall, Zumi’s, and the YMCA. Students and staff can bring their goods to the middle/high school.

“It will be pretty clear in each location what the boxes are for,” Berger said.

The students are looking for clothing for any season in good condition, as well as outdoor apparel such as ponchos, raincoats, boots, hats/baseball hats, shorts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Socks are also a highly sought-after item.
People can also donate toiletries, travel-sized items (or full size), hair-care items (shampoo, conditioner), deodorant, and first aid supplies (band-aids).

“We’re hoping for a bigger outcome by reaching out to the community,” said Rowan Galanis, club secretary.