On April 11th, members of the Ipswich Rotary Club and Ipswich High School Interact gathered on Long Beach in Gloucester for the much postponed "Rotary District 7930 Polar Plunge" to End Polio. Overall, to date, the Rotary District has raised over $105,000. And, despite the numerous weather delays, the water in Gloucester was still very cold, in the upper 30's. Brrrr.

The money raised by Ipswich alone will enable Rotary and World Health Organization volunteers to vaccinate over 10,000 children. Thanks to Rotary, WHO, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which provides matching funds, Polio continues to exist in just 2 countries. However, until this terrible disease is eradicated, the risk of it reemerging remains possible everywhere.

Ipswich Rotary and Interact thank all of our generous donors. Your pledges really will make a difference.