Posted by Bob Wicks on Nov 16, 2021
On November 15, the Ipswich-Rowley Rotary Club served a meal of Shepherd’s Pie at the weekly Ipswich Dinner Bell.  Chef Ray Morley assembly a team of Rotary volunteers for preparation and service, which began at 4 pm in the Masonic Hall with the setting up of tables and chairs.  
Once the tables were in place, Rotarians added tablecloths, cups, creamers, candy, salt and pepper, silverware, napkins, and water pitchers.  When the guests arrived, our crew served pitchers of lemonade and iced tea as well as cups of coffee.  Back in the kitchen, Rotarians also were assisting Chef Ray by unloading food from his vehicle, tossing the salad, and serving delicious food onto plates.  Runners serving as waiters the brought plated meals out to our waiting and hungry guests.  During dinner, Rotarians arranged a brownie and ice cream dessert into bowls.  And when it was all over, more than 70 satisfied and happy people had enjoyed a good meal and friendly conversation with friends and neighbors.  A few guests left with some extra food for another day.  
Following the meal service, a crew swung into cleanup mode, returning the room to its normal setting, while the dish crew was busy washing up.  And, when that was done, our hard working Rotary staff was able to sit down and share a meal and fellowship. 
Chris Davis, our Community Service committee chair, noted that 12 Rotarians were on hand during the event.  In addition to Ray and Chris, the other Rotarians helping out were Kathy Bento, Chris Bevilacqua, Sr Leonore Coan, Kathy Frederick, Diane Herth, Martha Mauser, Nat Pulsifer, Cindy Quinn, Lisa Shanko, and Jim Tedford. 

In the photo above, some of the team members included Diane Herth, Martha Mauser, Kathy Frederick, Lisa Shanko, Kathy Bento, and Sr Leonore Coan.  Our newsletter editor Cindy Quinn provided the photos and most of the content in this article.   
Humanity in Motion: more photos of Rotarians volunteering at the Dinner Bell.  
Sr Leonore Coan opens the dinner and welcomes our guests.  Rotarians Kathy Frederick, Chris Davis and Diane Herth get ready to serve.  Jim Tedford and Chris Bevilacqua prepare the lemonade.  Chairperson Chris Davis oversees the cleanup.